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Who are we?

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We are obsessive believers in speed, usability and convenience, so have deliberately developed a platform that's quick and easy to use.

Richard Rivlin, CEO Container Ship Shipping Port

A letter from the CEO

Welcome to VesselsValue, providing instant and unbiased data that can be accessed from anywhere in the world, at any time. VV is used by the world’s leading commercial and investment banks, private equity, investment and hedge funds, shipowners and operators, lawyers, accountants, brokers, underwriters and more.

Using our four core modules Value, Database, Map and Trade you can check the value of your fleet over breakfast, see how the recent S&P deals have affected the market during your commute and then analyse the global vessel movements as you get to your desk in the morning.

All four services are available as stand-alone packages. Put together they integrate seamlessly and become even more powerful. Not only can you take full advantage of interrogating our data, you can move from ship position to ship valuation in just one click.

We are obsessive believers in speed, usability and convenience, so have deliberately designed the website to be as quick and easy to use as possible. Clever infographics allow you to see trends at first glance, but the numbers are also available as downloads so you can dive into the detail if you want.

Please feel free to contact the team with any questions about your subscription.

Richard Rivlin
CEO VesselsValue Ltd

From broking to automation

The origins of VesselsValue

In 1993 Richard Rivlin founded specialist S&P broker, Seasure Shipbroking. In 2008 he laid down the foundations of what was to become VesselsValue with development starting in 2009 and VV going live May 2011.

The development of the market valuation service was driven by the need from the market, particularly from banks, funds and owners for instant and objective vessel, fleet and portfolio market valuations with supporting market intelligence.

Our relationship with Seasure Shipbroking

Seasure, along with a global network of broking houses, provide information on transactions, charters, joint ventures, market sentiment and rumours, which is then cross-referenced and checked against multiple sources for correctness by the VV data team. Additionally, the brokers provide a commercial counterpoint to the analytical, data driven approach, something that is critical to the ongoing market valuation accuracy.

The Brokers