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The VesselsValue platform

Our Methodology

The VV platform seamlessly brings together academic research, expert shipbroker knowledge and software design.

Our methodology models are continually updated and recalibrated overnight to produce the most up to date and accurate data.

The VV methodology incorporates ship specifications, real time sales and freight earning sentiment which enables market valuations of vessels in even the most illiquid markets. The model is continually updated and recalibrated overnight to give the closest fit possible to reported sales.

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The Data

Our COO, Adrian Economakis explains what data lies behind vessel valuations and how it is collected validated and managed.

Mathematics of Market Valuation

Dr Alex Adamou describes the mathematical model behind our automated online valuations.

Discounted Cash Flow Model

Dr Chris Rivlin describes the methods we use to provide automated and customised DCF values.


Our Special Projects Manager, Craig Jallal describes the methods used in VV Trade to examine ton mile demand.

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