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Our services are available as stand-alone packages, but together they integrate seamlessly to create an even more powerful tool.

Our four core modules VV$ (Value), VV+ (Search), VV@ (Mapping) and VV Trade give you access to real time values, advanced database functionality, vessel tracking and vessel trade and ton mile demand information.

We cover the global fleet of Bulkers, Tankers, Containers, LPG, LNG, Small Tankers, Small Dry and Offshore.

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Explore the VV Superyacht database by a huge range of specifications and features, get objective and confidential values and instantly map the fleet in real time.

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Get instant access to ton mile demand and vessel trading information

Including a vessel specific trade tool and macro ton mile demand summary; you can identify supply and demand patterns, improve operational efficiency and much more.

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Introducing Offshore.

The Offshore vessel valuation, database, and GIS mapping service, providing a unique service for the oil and gas industry.

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VV$ Value

Daily updated current and historical values for vessels, company fleets and portfolios. Instantly view and compare across the 5 different asset values; Market, DCF, Demolition, Linear and Replacement.

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VV+ Search

Search our database of vessels (live and on order), newbuilding contracts, demolition sales, period charters, trading sales and failed sales. Filter and sort by all relevant of technical and commercial features and specifications (i.e. type, size, engine, age, tank coating, lifting gear, containment systems, reefer plugs, owner, buyer, seller and much more).

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VV@ Mapping

Our advanced AIS satellite and terrestrial vessel mapping and tracking service. Analyse current and historical vessel, company fleet and portfolio movements in real time. Use VV+ to filter, sort and group the global fleet and display AIS derived information (i.e. laden/ballast, navigation status, speed). Automated Zone Alerts (i.e. sanction zone entry/exit, lost signal) and Port Distance Calculator also available.

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About VV Broker

VV Broker

The vessel valuation database and mapping service.

Designed by brokers, for brokers.

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