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VesselsValue Broker

Access to information, anywhere, anytime.

Why Broker?

  • Access 90,000 vessels on our comprehensive database
  • Analyse Owners buying and selling behaviour
  • Weekly deal lists
  • Create target lists by using any combination of search criteria
  • Find Cousin and Sister ships
  • Available 24/7
  • Optimised for mobile use
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Simplify your purchase enquiries using the fully customisable search functionality

We currently cover

Cargo ships

  • Bulkers from 1,000 DWT to largest Capesize
  • Tankers from 1,000 DWT to largest VLCC
  • Containers from 500 TEU to 22,000 TEU
  • LNG and LPG from 100 CBM to 270,000 CBM


  • OCV
  • MODU
  • OSV


  • Superyachts > 24m LOA


Fleet Database

  • Search by combinations of vessel and company details
  • Find company structure information including principals, joint ventures, pools, trade alliances, subsidiaries, investments, etc
  • Create target lists using any combination of search criteria
  • Find Cousins and Sister ships
  • Personalise how you define a Cousin ship

Deals Database

  • Access current and historical deals (i.e. trading sales, failed sales, newbuild orders, demolition sales and period charters)
  • Analyse buying and selling behaviour
  • Perfect for your market report

Advanced Search

  • Filter and sort by all relevant technical and commercial features and specifications (e.g. type, size, age, main engine, survey position, buyer, seller and much more)
  • Search the database using ‘is’, ‘or’, ‘and’, ‘but not’ to refine your search
  • Compare multiple vessels on one screen
  • Create your own portfolios

Example company page (showing selling history)

Broker example company page.

Example vessel page (Cousins)

Broker example vessel page.

Example deals page

Broker deals page.

Example advanced search (showing cousin ship search)

Broker advanced search.



  • Advanced AIS satellite and terrestrial vessel mapping and tracking service
  • Analyse current and historical movements of individual vessels, fleets, portfolios or pools
  • Combine with Database to target vessels by any combination of specifications and real time location
  • Filter, sort and group the global fleet and display AIS derived information (i.e. laden/ballast, navigation status, speed)
  • Includes Offshore and energy infrastructure (GIS)

Zone Alerts

  • Set up Zone Alerts against individual ships, companies or portfolios to see when a vessel enters or exits a zone, goes within range or loses signal
  • Draw your own zone or select from predefined areas
  • Alerts sent directly to your inbox

Example search, group and colour (i.e. Panamax BC by navigation status)

Broker deals page.

Zone Alert

Broker deals page.


  • On demand market and DCF valuations
  • Available for specific named vessels
  • Access valuations and download straight to your inbox

Example vessel valuation

Broker Vessel Valuation page.
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