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Our advanced AIS satellite and terrestrial vessel mapping and tracking service. Analyse current and historical vessel, company fleet and portfolio movements in real time.

Example search, group and colour (i.e. Panamax BC by navigation status)

Example search group and colour


View and save detailed fleet searches (i.e. by vessel specification, ownership, destination, ETA, navigation status, laden or ballast).

Our map uses colour, intensity and other design techniques to display large amounts of data clearly.

Refine your search even further by viewing zonal regions of interest and populating this area only with your choice of filters, giving complete control over your data.


Track individual vessels, fleets and portfolios hourly or daily from January 2013. Select individual chevrons to see historical AIS data received for that day.

There are no restrictions on the number of vessels or the number of searches. With no delay to instant real time information as well as historical vessel movements, Map allows you to monitor the global fleet at the click of a button.


Get real time and historical cargo mile demand, congestion, trade flows, utilisation and more to support your analyses and make more informed decisions.

Mapping Alerts

Set up your own Mapping Alerts against individual vessels, companies or portfolios to see when a vessel enters or exits a zone, goes within range or loses signal. Draw your own zone or select from predefined areas including Sanctions, insurance and navigation. Alerts are sent directly to your email.

Example zone alert around Port Elizabeth

Example zone alert search

Port Distance Tracker

Choose from over 4,500 ports and track the amount of time, nautical miles or speed from one location to another. Includes multiple legs, route options and turnaround time.

Example distance tracking (Rotterdam to Newcastle)

Example distance tracking (Rotterdam to Newcastle)