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VesselsValue Offshore

Real time vessel values, mapping, vessel data and commercial intelligence for OSVs, OCVs and MODUs.

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Valuations for over 9,400 Offshore vessels (OSVs, MODUs, OCVs).

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Live mapping combining GIS information (i.e. oil fields, licences, platforms, pipelines) and live AIS data (i.e. vessel location and tracks).

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Comprehensive vessel, specification and ownership database with advanced search functionality for OSVs and MODUs.

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Current and historical transactions (S&P, charters, newbuild, demolition) with advanced search functionality.


Daily updated current and historical values for over 9,400 Offshore vessels (OSVs, MODUs, OCVs). View and compare market and demolition values for individual vessels, company fleets and portfolios.

We currently cover:

  • Anchor Handling Tug Supply/ Anchor Handling Tug (AHTS/AHT) up to 35,000 BHP
  • Platform Supply Vessel (PSV) up to 7,900 DWT
  • Drillship
  • Semi Submersible
  • Jack Up
  • Dive Support Vessel
  • Multi Purpose Support Vessel
  • Well Stimulation Vessel
  • Well Intervention Vessel
  • Fast Supply Vessel (FSV)
  • Ocean Going Tug
  • Emergency Response and Rescue Vessel
  • Maintenance Support Vessel

Coming soon:

  • Service Operation Vessel
  • Construction Support

Example vessel valuation page

Example Valuation Page


Our Map combines Geographical Information Systems (GIS) information (i.e. oil and gas fields, oil and gas pipelines, licenses, platforms, LNG and oil terminals, refineries, SBMs, wind farms, wells, wind farm cables, wind farm turbines, tidal/wave/solar, aquaculture).

Features and benefits:

AIS Mapping and Tracking

  • Analyse current and historical vessel, company fleet and portfolio movements in real-time.

GIS Layers

  • View oil and gas fields, and wells, fish farms, platforms and rigs, pipeline routes, onshore terminals, wind farms and exploration licenses.
  • Filter by layer or view and search all of the infrastructures.
  • View vessel locations in relation to Offshore installations in real time or historically.

Mapping Alerts

  • Set up email alerts when vessels enter specific field boundaries or within a specified distance of Offshore installations.
  • Combine with Value to enhance your subscription.

US Gulf of Mexico
Showing OSV locations, deepwater fields, platforms, pipelines, onshore terminals, and production licenses.

Example Mapping with Overlays

Showing OSV locations, oil and gas fields, pipelines, platforms, onshore terminals, and production licenses.

Example Mapping with Overlays

Fleet and Deals Database

Fleet Database is a powerful online database that allows you to search and analyse:

  • 7,960+ OSVs (live and newbuild)
  • 910+ MODUs (live and newbuild)
  • 2,010+ OCVs (live and newbuild)

Deals Database is a powerful online database that allows you to search and analyse:

  • Current and historical trading sales (S&P), failed sales, newbuild orders, demolition sales and period charters


Explore the database by a huge range of specifications and attributes with no restrictions on number of daily searches.


Select multiple OCVs, MODUs, OSVs, and transactions from search results to compare specifications and values on one screen.


Save your search and access later in the My VV tab, saving time and giving access to the data that matters.

Save your target lists in portfolio’s allowing you to monitor your chosen vessels in the same way as for company fleets. Go one step further to set up alerts to be sent to your inbox.


Combine with Map to map your Database results in one click and enhance your VV subscription.