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Dr Alexander Adamou

Chief Scientist

Alex is responsible for the scientific research that underpins VV’s products.

An experienced mathematician with 15 years in academia, he sets the strategic direction for the company’s modelling activities and provides expert guidance to its growing team of scientists. He liaises closely with the company’s software developers in Stoke and commercial analysts in London to ensure models are implemented robustly and meet client needs.

Alex joined VesselsValue in 2010, when he led the development of its first asset valuation model. From 2012 to 2021, he was Fellow and then Director of the London Mathematical Laboratory, where his research focused on redeveloping economic theory using techniques from statistical physics, a topic in which he retains a keen interest today.

Alex holds first class MA and MMath degrees in mathematics from Cambridge University and a PhD in applied mathematics from Imperial College London. With doctoral research in fluid dynamics and more recent research in economics and statistics, he is uniquely placed to understand both technological and financial aspects of the shipping industry.

Beyond science, Alex enjoys walking in the Scottish highlands and collecting art. He was once a professional gambler.