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With our real-time data you can get a global view of fleet activity from specific vessels to fleets and whole sectors. Understand where laden and ballast vessels are and where they will likely be next, what trades are booming or crashing and what your counterparties or competitors are doing. Access critical data to help you predict the market, support your negotiations, aid your decisions and monitor risk.

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Model global trading patterns

  • Analyse cargo mile demand and volumes
  • See evolving trading patterns and routes
  • Integrate into your predictive models
model global trading patterns
use data to support your negotiations and decisions

Use data to support your negotiations and decisions

  • Identify excess or lack of tonnage in any location
  • Generate target lists of vessels that could be available to pick up cargo
  • See what trades your competitors and counterparties are working

Spy on the fleet, your counterparties, or competitors

  • See who is loading, discharging, waiting, ballasting and more
  • Monitor speeds, delays, congestion and general activity
spy on the fleet
monitor sanctions and compliance

Monitor sanctions and compliance

  • See historical sanction breaches of vessels and companies

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