Frequently Asked Questions

What services does VesselsValue provide?

We provide data and analytics for the Maritime market including automated values, technical and commercial databases, mapping and tracking, and ton mile demand and trade information. For a full list of our available services and features please visit our product pages.

What assets does VesselsValue cover?

We have circa. 75,000 vessels in our database. See below a list of all sectors we currently cover. This includes: Maritime – Bulker, Tanker, Container, LNG, LPG, Small Dry, Small Tanker, Vehicle Carrier, RoRo, Reefer, MODU, OCV, OSV, Ferry, Cruise. You can also purchase bespoke reports and market Valuations for smaller and more niche sectors.

How can I access VesselsValue data?

Our data can be accessed in a number of ways including: subscriptions to our online platform, automated reports, bespoke reports, Market Valuation Certificates, API feeds, exports, and through the VesselsValue App.

How does VesselsValue calculate a Market Value?

We calculate Market Values using a 5 factor algorithm, meaning each vessel is scored dependent on age, size, builder, features and earnings. The impact of these features are analysed and tested against recent market transactions and regressed in the system. These regressions are run daily to produce daily updated Market Values for individual vessels. For more information on our methodology please email us at [email protected]

How does VesselsValue calculate Market Values if there have been no recent transactions in the sector?

The same five factor algorithm is applied, however for illiquid sectors, where limited sales are available, greater emphasis is placed on Newbuilding Values.

How often are values updated?

Our values are updated every day for every ship that we provide automated values for in our database. This allows us to produce the most up to date values possible.

How accurate are VesselsValue Market Values? How do you measure accuracy?

We measure our valuations against actual historical sales to test for accuracy. Please email us at [email protected] to request our latest accuracy report. If you have a login you can download it from our methodology page.

Does VesselsValue take into account scrubbers or BWTS when calculating market values for vessels?

Yes, we collect data for all scrubber fitted and BWTS vessels. These vessels are also given a premium which is reflected in their Market Value.

Where does VesselsValue get their data from?

We have three dedicated research offices with over 60 staff who are responsible for cleaning, validating, and inputting data. We also work with a network of global partners and brokers, including our sister company Seasure Shipbroking Ltd.

Where and how is data stored?

Our data is stored off site at two of the top UK based data centres, used by major corporations and price comparison websites. All data is mirrored across three separate UK based servers.

Can people see what information I am looking at?

No they can’t. When you login in to the VesselsValue platform what you look at is confidential and other users cannot see what data, vessels, aircrafts or companies you have been looking at.

How much does VesselsValue cost?

For a full list of our prices including reports, APIs and online subscriptions please visit our pricing page.