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With our real-time tracking and mapping data you can analyse current and historical movements of vessels, fleets and customisable portfolios against GIS overlays of territorial waters, offshore infrastructure, renewables and personalised zones. Our email alerts and saveable searches will save you time in complying with regulations and planning projects.

Monitor the global fleet

Available for the Shipping, Offshore, Passenger and Superyacht sectors.

Satellite and terrestrial AIS positions

AIS & GIS data

Historical tracking

Unlimited searches

Sanctions monitoring

Offshore and Green infrastructure

Follow the market in real-time with our values

Access live, newbuild and historical values for individual vessels, company fleets and portfolios. View and compare across several valuation types.

Real-time mapping & tracking intelligence

  • Analyse current and historical vessel, fleet and portfolio movements
  • Historical tracking back to 2013
  • View detailed fleet searches including by vessel specification, ownership, destination, ETA, navigation status, laden or ballast
  • Refine your searches even further
real time mapping and tracking intelligence
stay alert and informed

Stay alert and informed

  • Set up alerts to receive notifications when vessels enter specific areas of interest including sanctioned zones
  • See if vessels have turned off AIS transponders (and if vessels could have reached a particular region or zone since they turned it off)

View and filter Oil & Gas installations including oil and gas fields, terminals, open and operated licenses, wells, platforms, pipelines, refineries plus upcoming prospects and recent discoveries. All with corresponding operator and ownership data.

Oil & Gas installations

See layouts and installations related to Renewables, Aquaculture and Commodities such as coal, aluminium, iron, steel, and other mineral mines. Renewables include windfarm locations and installation layouts including turbine, substation, and cable locations plus tidal, solar and wave hubs. With added information showing MW capacities, operators, turbine manufacturer and model.

Renewables, Aquaculture and Commodities

See the ownership structure of operated and open licenses and the details behind each infrastructure. Identify vessel locations in relation to Offshore installations.

Ownership structure
oil and gas installations
track activity between ports

Track activity between ports

  • View the amount of time, nautical miles or speeds from one port to another
  • Includes multiple legs, route options and turnaround time

Here are just some of the benefits

Clean satellite and terrestrial AIS positions

Multi source data, updated every 15 minutes, cleaned and validated by our 20 person specialist team.

Related to accurate vessel database

AIS data provided with our proprietary vessel database. Filter and display fleet by hundreds of criteria including 7 layers of ownership.

Marine infrastructure

Understand current and historical market trends for individual vessels, fleets, companies or whole sectors.


See when vessels enter sanctioned zones and territorial waters. Set up alerts when vessels turn off AIS transponders or travel to specific areas.

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