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Distinguish yourself from your competitors, receive the latest newbuild orders, delivery schedules and newbuild values. Track newbuild orders by vessel features and specifications and identify the current management of all vessels including beneficial owner, operator and technical manager.

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Gain a competitive advantage

  • Access the global orderbook to see what competitors are building and when vessels are being delivered
  • Also available to purchase as a monthly report
gain a competitive advantage
a complete sector view

Price competitively

  • See and compare newbuild values

Support your new business development

  • See who is buying and ordering which vessels
  • Identify all seven tiers of a vessel’s management and receive their contact details
  • Analyse current and historical newbuild and demolition trends
support your new business development
understand newbuild vessel specifications

Understand newbuild vessel specifications

  • Search and compare hundreds of vessel specifications including scrubber fitted vessels and BWTS

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