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Access the latest industry information for any request or project you are working on. Our proprietary data gives you a transparent view of vessel and company activity, management structures and transaction history. You can also get macro views of the market and understand where vessels are operating and trading. Whatever your requirement, we can support you with reliable information and analysis.

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Assign a value to vessel journeys

  • See activity and rates for vessels travelling into specific countries
  • Data can be filtered by ports, countries and across different sectors
  • Real-time and historic information available
assign a value to vessel journeys
get a transparent view of vessel movements

Get a transparent view of vessel movements

  • See which vessels, owners, operators, fleets or nationalities are or have been in your national waters, ECA’s, sanction zones or other areas of interest
  • Analyse current and historical port and terminal popularity and utilisation

Get a complete view of vessels ownership structures

  • See which vessels are owned by which companies, and relationships between them
  • Full database of owners and buying and selling history
get a complete view of vessels ownership structures
access the latest transactions information

Access the latest transactions information

  • Understand what assets countries are buying and selling for tax purposes
  • Which Flag States are growing

Build bespoke, detailed reports

  • Our data can be delivered straight to your own systems with a bespoke built API
  • Live, historic and forecast information
build bespoke detailed reports

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