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VV$ The world's leading vessel valuation service.


Current, historical and forecast values for every vessel in the fleet, updated every day. Company fleets, portfolios, market statistics and indices.

VV+ The world's leading vessel search service.


Search the VV database for vessels or transactions by a huge range of commercial and technical specifications.

VV+ The world's leading vessel tracking service.


Our advanced vessel mapping and AIS tracking service. Analyse real time and historical vessel movements.

VV+ The world's leading vessel tracking service.


Your ton mile demand and vessel trade tool for Bulkers and Tankers.

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Our free Email API service, Appy, sends you instant values, specs,
company information and more straight to your inbox.

We cover the global fleet of Bulkers, Tankers, Containers, LPG, LNG, Small Tankers, Small Dry, Superyachts and Offshore.

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