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VV is the online ship search, valuation and mapping service for Bulkers, Containerships, LNG, LPG, Tankers

Search by Name, Ex Name, IMO Number, Company, Portfolio
VV+ - The worlds leading vessel search service


An intelligent search engine that allows users to query the database using multiple combinations of commercial and technical specifications. Detailed searches can be saved and ships compared side by side.

VV$ - The worlds leading vessel valuation service

VALUE is the first fully automated ship valuation service, providing 5 daily values for each individual vessel. Where traditional valuation methods can be expensive, slow and subject to bias, provides them cheaply, instantly, consistently and accurately.

VV@ - The worlds leading vessel tracking service


Advanced satellite and land based AIS vessel tracking. Analyse real time and historical vessel movements through our unique method of sorting, grouping and saving ship mapping data, including distance and routing tracker.

VV+ - The worlds leading vessel search service


Customisable analytics, reports and tools for a deeper view on the market. These include; demand, supply, congestion, speed, trade flows, option/charter/cashflow valuations, operating performance, haircut/default models, volatility, momentum, correlation, bunker demand and fleet at risk.