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We recognise how important having access to reliable and objective data is to support claims, arrests and for building reports and analysis. Using our real-time analytics you can see exactly what vessels and companies are doing and their relationships and management structures.

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Objective third party validation

  • Access online daily current and historical Market Values to validate claims
  • Download official Market Value and Forecast Value certificates. Globally accepted by lenders, lawyers and auditors and used as expert witness evidence
objective third party validation
a complete sector view

A complete sector view

  • See earnings forecasts, historic market trends and Discounted Cash Flows
  • Bespoke sector, company and vessel reports also available

Understand company relationships

  • See exactly who is connected to vessels and companies with our 7 levels of management
get a complete view of vessels ownership structures
reliable data to support arrests and claims

Reliable data to support arrests and claims

  • Track historic vessel movements
  • Set up alerts based on vessel locations

Expert witness evidence

  • We provide independent evidence, testimony and advice on a wide range of Maritime related disputes
expert witness evidence

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