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Our data and analytics gives you access to real-time information about your own vessels, competitor fleets, global trends and market movements.

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Stay on top of the market

  • See what is being bought and sold in the market right now, where we are in the cycle and what could happen in the future
  • Predict market movements
  • See the same information and values that the banks are seeing
  • Access data confidentially
stay on top of the market
spy on your counterparties

Spy on your counterparties or competitors

  • See who owns assets, buying and selling behaviour and their relationships
  • Analyse routes and evolving trading patterns
  • See who is loading, discharging, waiting, ballasting and more
  • Monitor speeds, delays, congestion and general activity

Improve operational efficiency

  • Optimise your own trading routes, speeds and journeys
  • Identify potential risks
improve operational efficiency
comply with regulations

Comply with regulations

  • Track vessels and company fleets in sanction zones, high risk areas and other geographies
  • Automated alerts and evidence

Accessible data

  • Respond to queries quickly and easily
  • Share information across teams and departments
improve operational efficiency
get a complete view of vessels ownership structures

Get a complete view of vessels ownership structures

  • See which vessels are owned by which companies, and relationships between them
  • Full database of owners and buying and selling history

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