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See vessel demand, trade flows, cargo miles, stoppages activity and more. Our proprietary data can help support your financial, commercial and operational decisions, predict market movements and understand the competition.

Your vessels trade and cargo mile demand tool

Available for Bulkers, Tankers, Gas, Containers, Vehicle Carriers, Small Dry, Specialised Cargo, Reefers and Cruise Ships.

Proprietary data

Vessel specific

Search by global, sector, type and fleet level

Demand and supply

Journeys and stoppages

Real-time data

Follow the market in real-time with our values

Access live, newbuild and historical values for individual vessels, company fleets and portfolios. View and compare across several valuation types.

Track start and end ports, laden/ballast trading history, route durations, speeds and distances.


  • Find out when vessels are engaged in cargo operations in specific ports or terminals
  • Detect if vessels are anchored, waiting, or laid up for periods of time with our estimated stoppage types
  • See predicted destinations, vessel ton miles, calculated speeds, heatmaps and probable events (i.e. dry docks)

vessel activity

Aggregate vessel activity to any level (owner, fleet, global, trade route, countries, regions, ports, different time periods back to 2013).

Vessel Activity

Analyse YOY and MOM changes by actual figures and percentages.

Figures and percentages

Graphs and charts illustrate import and export ports as well as demand and supply patterns.

Demand and supply patterns

Historical and live vessel stoppages, grouped by ship type and stoppage type. See geographical port information, such as linked anchorages, terminals and marinas, Port and Terminal operator information.

Vessels in port

View vessels currently en route to port and vessels currently delayed.

Vessels en route

Use Congestion for average delay times and the number of vessels waiting across a 24 hour, 7 day and 30 day period.

vessels in port
ballast report

Ballast Report

  • See which vessels are loading, waiting and en route to destinations. Search by trading regions, countries, and ports
activity report

Activity Report

  • View a vessel’s AIS positions, stoppages, estimated stoppage activity, port to port journeys, average speeds, and Captain’s reported draft

Here are just some of the benefits

Spy on the fleet, your counterparties, or competitors

See which vessels and fleets are trading where, when and what they are doing.

Predict the markets

Analyse current and historical trade flows, ton miles and cargo volumes to help you understand where the markets may be going at global, regional, country or port level.

Gain commercial advantage

Get the demand, supply, vessel and competitor information you need to support your negotiations.

Improve operational efficiency

Model vessel activity and port data and use it to optimise your operations.

Support your decisions with real-time data

Validate or question your plans and decisions with objective real-time and historical trade data.

Integrate and derive further analytics

APIs, custom reports and more available.

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