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11 January 2023

VV expands their Maritime offering with the Launch of Ferries

Leading data provider, VesselsValue, are pleased to announce the launch of Ferry Market Values, adding to their existing Mapping, Fleet and Transaction database offering.

Using real time data, the new searchable feature provides easy access to daily automated, current and historical Market Values for vessels in the Ferry fleet (>12,999 GT). Users can now view current and historical S&P and charter information for all individual Ferries, track live and historical journeys for any owner’s fleet, identify and compare vessels of interest, and view fleet ownership structures.

Commenting on the launch, Dan Nash, Head of Ferry, VC and RoRo remarked:

“Asset prices for RoPax and Cruiseferries (>12,999 GT) have held up relatively well until now. Going forward, values are going to come under increased pressure and more scrutiny as we enter a new green era for Shipping, shining a perpetual spotlight on energy efficiency.

Recent takeover developments for Attica as the largest ship owner in the Greek Ferry sector, show new investors are entering the market familiar with daily valuation models, bringing new ideas and expectations with them.

VesselsValue is keen to play our part assisting banks, funds, and shipowners, as we have successfully done in all other Maritime sectors.”

Matthew Freeman, CCO at VesselsValue, also commented:

“VesselsValue’s move into the Ferry sector is the logical next step. Following successful launches for Cargo, Offshore, Vehicle Carriers, RoRo, Cruise and Superyachts since our inception in 2011, Ferries are the latest edition for VV in Maritime Shipping.

Ultimately, this has been driven by VV’s clients requiring an unbiased data driven approach to valuing assets, by a third party provider not tied to any particular shipowner, broker or transaction. It makes sense for a sector valued at USD 24.49 bil (VV value as of January 2nd, based on the top 482 Ferries by Gross Tonnage), which has not yet fully recovered from Covid-19.”

VV Market Values are now live for Cruiseferries (Large, Midsize) and Ropax Ferries (Large, Midsize) >12,999 GT, covering 62% of the global fleet by Gross Tonnage.

About VesselsValue

VesselsValue Ltd. (VV) is a leading online valuation and market intelligence provider for the Maritime industry. VV went live in 2011 and has 2,500 users and works with over 600 global companies including major banks, leasing companies, shipowners, investment funds, hedge funds, lawyers, advisors and government regulators. The company has nine offices globally including London, Singapore, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Oslo, with over 230 employees.

VesselsValue’s mission is to bring transparency and objectivity to the Maritime market through a wide range of services. Data and market insights are available through online access, reports, API feeds and exports, including automated values, transactions and fleet data, as well as AIS and ADS-B derived mapping & tracking, demand, utilisation and trade and people flows.

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