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16 February 2023

VesselsValue Awarded Innovation Endorsement Provider Certification by ClassNK

VesselsValue Ltd. (VV) is pleased to announce that they have been awarded the Innovation Endorsement Provider Certification by Tokyo based ship classification society, ClassNK.

The leading data valuation provider was granted a Class C (Concept) certification for developing the world’s first algorithm driven, online vessel valuation service. Class C certifications are one of three high level awards provided by ClassNK to companies with innovative organisational policies and systems set in place.

VesselsValue specialises in daily updated ship values and data, based on the latest market insights. They do so by providing objective and transparent market intelligence to their customers in a new and innovative way. VV combines state of the art statistical methods with their in house expertise and computer technologies, which have been tried and tested since their inception nearly 12 years ago.

ClassNK has assessed VV’s systems, focusing on their policies, plans and organisational structure with which they deliver their innovative services. VesselsValue met the requirements and was awarded the Class C Innovation Endorsement Certificate for Providers in January 2023.

Commenting on the award, Tom Evans, COO at VesselsValue remarked:

“VesselsValue is delighted to have its commitment to innovation recognised by industry experts at ClassNK. The Japanese market has always been quick to adopt new technologies and is a natural home for our advanced data products.”

VesselsValue has a proven track record of providing advanced and accurate online ship valuation and data services from their 9 global offices. They will continue to develop, improve, and introduce new products & services, bringing both innovation and transparency to the Maritime industry.

classnk vvteamphoto

From left to right: Tom Evans (COO), Junko Abe (Head of Sales, Asia), Alex Adamou (Chief Scientist).

About VesselsValue

VesselsValue Ltd. (VV) is a leading online valuation and market intelligence provider for the Maritime industry. VV went live in 2011 and has 2,500 users and works with over 600 global companies including major banks, leasing companies, shipowners, investment funds, hedge funds, lawyers, advisors and government regulators. The company has nine offices globally including London, Singapore, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Oslo, with over 230 employees.

VesselsValue’s mission is to bring transparency and objectivity to the Maritime market through a wide range of services. Data and market insights are available through online access, reports, API feeds and exports, including automated values, transactions and fleet data, as well as AIS and ADS-B derived mapping & tracking, demand, utilisation and trade and people flows.

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